Walk gently on this good Earth with Valia!

A love affair with the Australian landscape is reflected in the jewel like colours and intricate textures of Valia collections.  Inspired by the relaxed Australian way of life VALIA designs give woman of all ages the confidence and comfort to travel through the day in style.  Proudly Australian made Valia encourages women to cultivate a wearable fashion look that evokes confidence.


Proudly based in Australia, VALIA supports local industry and is concerned for the environment.  All our garments are made locally in Australia using sustainable natural fabrics and yarns including Linen, Cotton and Australian grown and produced Ultra-fine merino wool.

The VALIA woman is constantly exploring new paths. She innovates, she surprises, she excites, she is always at the right place and time !



Passionate about textiles our creative process takes us on a journey from selecting the finest yarns; designing a unique colour pallet to designing and crafting our exclusive Valia jacquards.  We use high quality Ultra fine Merino yarns to create our exclusively designed Jacquards. Our Jacquards are created by knitting yarn into differently coloured patterns and structures. Every Jacquard tells a story, a theme that runs through seasonal collections inspired by art, culture and  travel.

VALIA works closely with local mills and produces with high quality Australian grown and produced Ultra fine Merino wool that is modern, comfortable and easy to care for. It is perfectly suited for travel needs and celebrates the VALIA’s spirt.

Extraordinary designer clothes made in Australia with ethically sourced Fibers.  VALIA is at the forefront of unique ethically produced textiles.


Rather than following trends, we design textiles that will fit in your life for many years to come.

We are passionate about creating textiles that have minimal impact on the earth.  Creating our own signature cloths in Australia from Australian wools and sourcing the finest European linen we ensure that our textiles have inherent longevity and are free from harmful chemicals.  Rather than following current design or fashion trends we aim to develop textiles and fashion that will last – aesthetically & functionally, that can be returned to the earth at the end of their life.

Inspired by the Australian lifestyle and landscape Valia celebrates freedom and comfort designing pieces that give you the confidence to travel through your day.

Valia is passionate about creating textiles that express beauty and have minimal impact on the earth.


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